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Best CLOUD Hosting Plans

The shared web site hosting traders undoubtedly contrast with each other. Albeit having been in the shared web site hosting marketplace for years, not many hosting solution furnishers offer lots of data center location choices for their treasured clients. Despite its not-so-big caliber, 'New Zealand Web Hosting Services' offers 4 impressive datacenter locations: the US, the UK, Sweden and Australia. You can run domain name-only user accounts or shared web hosting packages in all of the detailed server farm facilities. The more avant-garde semi-dedicated servers and dedicated server hosting can be ordered exclusively in the US data center facility.

Plan Details Hosting Semi-Dedicated Dedicated Hosting
Price Per Month
Storage Space Unlimited Unlimited 240 GB
Site Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 10 TB
Server CPU Load 5% 100% 100%
Server RAM N/A N/A 16 GB
MySQL DBs 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains 1 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
eMmails 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Root Access
Secure Shell (SSH) Optional
1-click Apps Installer 2
Hepsia Control Panel
cPanel Control Panel

Server CPU Load 1 - The CPU resource usage quota is determined by the given VPS plan.

1-click Apps Installer 2 - Arriving only with the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.